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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger #2
Super Edition
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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger SC Super Edition Japanese Spec


Original Features





Work Completed

  • New front discs and pads (EBC Green Stuff)
  • Added UK style fog light switch
  • Added UK style fog light indicator on instrument cluster
  • Modified offside reversing light to be a fog light
  • Added SC on/off switch
  • Replaced broken interior trim including:
    - T-Top garnish
    - Lower console
    - Gear stick gaiter
    - Courtesy light switch
    - Driver vent
    - Door sills
    - Tunnel side trim
  • Replaced damaged/worn exterior trim
    - B-Pillar grills (in doorway)
    - B-Pillar grills (on side)
    - Black trim from roof to rear spoiler
  • Replaced ARB drop links
  • Replaced electric aerial
  • Replaced lower control link bracket support
  • Repaired rust in the following places:
    - Front, nearside wing (replaced)
    - Rear boot seams
    - Rear wheel arches
    - Offside door corner
    - B-Pillar bases (around door switches)
  • Replaced indicator repeater lenses with clear ones
  • Replaced front indicator lenses with clear ones
  • Repaired alarm
  • Fitted engine cover stay (was missing)
  • Fitted flare (missing)
  • Fitted new door and T-Bar seals
  • Fitted new front grill
  • Fitted new, smaller battery
  • Cleaned intake system
  • Resprayed most of the exterior black trim
  • Replaced broken gear linkage cable
  • Replaced front lower ball joints
  • Replaced front tie rod ends
  • Replaced engine - slight piston ring failure :/
  • Head refurbish
  • Head gasket replaced (TRD metal)
  • Radiator recon
  • New radiator cap
  • New expansion tank cap
  • New vacuum hoses
  • TPS adjusted
  • Coolant flushed
  • New thermostat
  • New bleed valve on thermostat
  • New lambda sensor
  • Sand blast and powder coat cam covers
Work Remaining
  • Rust
  • Repair front skirt (cracked)
  • Front bumper has scratches on one corner
  • Respray bonnet - big stone chips
  • Respray damaged rear bumper (falling MDF incident)
  • Fix leaky T-Bar once and for all!
  • Stone chip in front windscreen
  • Fit D/S door hinges (door dropped)

Pictures of the rust before is was repaired can be seen here.


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Last update : 16 March 2004