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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger #2
Super Edition
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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger SC Super Edition Japanese Spec


Original Features




Original Features

Super Edition Features

This car has retained most of its Super Edition features:

  • Midnight Blue paint (code 8E4)
  • Gold stripes down the sides and along the rear bumper and spoiler
  • Gold "Super Edition" decals on rear visor
  • Gold "Super Charger" and "Toyota MR2" decals on boot lid
  • Gold "Limited" decal on rear window
  • Gold sprayed T-Bar release catches
  • Recaro 'Milano' seats
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Momo gear knob
  • Grey interior door panels
  • Gold tinted or silver mirrored T-Bar panels

This car has gold tinted T-bar panels and a gold tinted sunstrip on the windscreen.

This SE does not have the "Super Edition" decals on the doors. They were either never there or they have been removed. The front bumper has been re-sprayed and the gold stripes have been removed.

The original Momo gear knob is unfortunately missing, but I've replaced it with a Momo "Race" golf ball gear knob.

The car did come with it's original Momo steering wheel. However it was showing signs of wear so I replaced it with a Momo "Race" steering wheel (keeping the original of coarse). 

For a complete list of features found on Super Edition cars, look at my Super Edition Information page.

G-Limited Features/Options (JDM spec)

The following G-Limited features can be found on the car:

  • Spoiler mounted LED brake light
  • Climate control
  • Air conditioning
  • Retractable electric wing-mirrors
  • Handheld flare

Unfortunately there is no Limited Slip Diff on this car, although some imports did have them fitted as an option.

The flare is meant to be used in similar situations to those where you would normally use a warning triangle. It is common to find the flare missing as they are usually removed when imported into the UK.

The rear light cluster is quite different to a UK spec car and, I think, looks much nicer!


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Last update : 16 March 2004