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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger #1
Super Edition
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MR2 Mk1 Supercharger SC Super Edition Japanese Spec

This was my second MR2, and my first Supercharger. It was a Super Edition model, but I only owned this car for about two weeks!.


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MR2 Mk1 SC SE:

  • Mk1 SC T-Top
  • Japanese Spec
  • February 1989
  • 47,000 miles

This is a Super Edition model of which only 270 were made. I know of only three others in the country.

Unfortunately, the only SE features that this car retained were the silvered T-Bar panels, the paint colour and the decals. The Momo steering wheel and gear knob and the Recaro seats had all been removed from this example.

After this car I bought another Super Edition whose details can be seen here

For more information on Super Editions, click here

This car was imported by MR2 Direct Imports

Front View 1

Side View 1

Rear View 1

Internal View 1

Front View 2

Side View 2

Engine Bay View

Front View 1

Rear View 2

Internal View 2

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