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MR2 Mk1 Links

Here's some websites (in no particular order) that I refer to often.

Links Pages

Name Comments
Nick Challoner's Website This is one of the best personal websites around. It is home to the original (and arguably, best) MR2 Mk1 buyers guides, and also one of the most comprehensive Links pages. Anyone who's owned 5 MR2s must know a thing or two about them. Fortunately for everyone, most of the work that Mark has done on his cars is documented on his website. Each car has had different things done to them, so have a good browse!
MR2 Manual
1988 Toyota MR2 (AW11) Workshop Manual.
This is a subscription service that provides scanned images from the "Big Green Book". If you can't get hold of the BGB (it is now out of print) then this is the next best thing.
The AW11 Archive One of the first sites I found. I find the specification pages really useful, as they include stuff like 0-60 times and bhp info. The Links page is handy too.
MR2 Loads of stuff here. The parts I found most interesting were the features on a number of Superchargers. Also some good links and pics of mods.
Note: Site incompatible with Mozilla Firefox.
Racing Strong A great site with numerous, well selected, links.
Pads and Wheels (MR2) Thinking of fixing or modding your MR2? Try this site first to see if there's any handy hints.
(aka Lauren)
How do you mod a Mk1 to get 195bhp? Lauren explains how. Lots of info on removing unnecessary weight for a trackday car. Also some great article.

If you have a website that you think would look good listed here, then please e-mail me.

Clubs and Organisations

International MR2 Owners Club (UK)
One of the best places to find information, as it has a very active forum.
Free to register.
MR2 Owners Club (UK) Not to be confused with above! An active forum and social calander.
Free to register.
MR2 Owners Club (US) Contains a number of very useful pages including:
Simple, online parts catalogue (free)
MR2 Mk1 Club Not the easiest of sites to navigate, but there's lots here (most if it ripped from other people's sites!). You can pay to join this club, which opens up insurance deals and you get a quarterly mag with interesting article.
MR2 Drivers Club This is a "traditional" drivers' club, and as such you need to pay some money to join.
MR2 Events Not really a club, but more a collaboration of all MR2 clubs.
This site provides details of most MR2 events across the UK, irrespective of the organising club.
BookATrack Want to take your car onto the track? BookATrack allow you to take part in either sessioned or open-pit-lane events on some of the best circuit in the UK. Prices generally start at around 99 pounds for a day. Tuition is often available.
ToyoDIY Online Parts catalogue. No registration or VIN required.

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Last update : 09 January 2005